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Plant engineering in the food and pharmaceuticals sector

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Pruess GmbH has over 40 years of experience in plant engineering and extraction technology and has already implemented numerous projects for the pharmaceutical and food industries, primarily in the field of thermal process engineering. The company operates in Germany and Europe as well as worldwide.

Quality & Reliability

Individualized plant engineering:

Tailor-made and designed for your best benefit.

The project managers and engineers at Pruess GmbH are very familiar with the special challenges faced by pharmaceutical and food companies in the production of medicines or foodstuffs such as tea or oilseeds.

These include the high demands on product quality and safety and compliance with EU and FDA standards, as well as the frequently occurring special applications where standard solutions are not sufficient and individualized plant construction is required.

In all cases, Pruess GmbH supplies customized, cost-effective solutions designed for maximum functionality from a single source.

The range of our process engineering systems includes extraction and evaporation plants, supplemented by buffer preparation areas for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as cleaning systems (CIP / SIP). Pruess works with modern engineering methods, including AR / VR (augmented reality and virtual reality).

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An extraction is an extraction of solids using a solvent. Usually, water, water vapor or organic solvents are used to extract plant parts such as flowers, leaves, roots or bark. Pruess offers extractions on a scale ranging from pilot extractions to continuous extractions of several 100 m³ per day.

Solution Preparation

Buffer preparation, creation of defined solutions and solvent mixtures are processes that are widely used in production processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Pruess offers safe processes via controlled temperature programs, agitating programs and precise dosing.

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Cleaning processes, whether with liquid media or as microbiological count reduction using steam, are processes that we are happy to support you in planning.

Evaporation / Concentration

Diluted solutions often need to be concentrated.
Evaporation is the appropriate approach for many industrial processes. Whether single-stage or multi-stage, Pruess provides you with a customized solution for your concentration.

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Tank farm

Tank farms for raw materials such as solvents or additives, mixing systems for mixing alcohol and water, intermediate storage for sedimentation and for final storage before filling are indispensable for many of the processes mentioned above.  Therefore they are part of our portfolio as well.

Thermal Process Engineering

In the realm of thermal processes, Pruess GmbH stands as a comprehensive solution provider. Our expertise extends to a variety of procedures including distillation, liquid product sanitization, and desolventization processes.

Catering to diverse needs, we offer both batch and continuous process options, tailored to meet specific requirements.

We are also happy to answer your questions.

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