Food Industry

Special Challenges in Food Production

High hygiene requirements

Companies in the food and beverage industry must meet high hygiene requirements in order to avoid possible contamination. These requirements must already be taken into account when planning a production plant.

Even if the regulatory requirements for food plants are not (yet) as strict as for pharmaceutical plants, similarly high standards are already being set in the engineering of a plant for the food industry. Systems that can be drained, cleaning options and sterilizability are just as much a part of the hygiene standards to be complied with as proof of the suitability of materials, risk analyses and documentation of the entire system, including welding certificates and material certificates.

Food Industry

Pruess GmbH - Anlage

All systems can be manufactured in modular design, including the control system (delivered with “Modular Type Package”, MTP), so that they can be delivered completely assembled, wired and tested as far as possible.

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