CIP and SIP Processes


Cleaning of Process Equipment

“CIP” stands for “Cleaning in Place”. It means, cleaning equipment without dissassembly.

Production typically necessitates subsequent cleaning. Our services support the planning, execution, commissioning, and optimization of CIP systems, always with consideration for your specific needs.

The detailed planning of flow rates, storage tank sizes, and process sequences is conducted in collaboration with you and can be verified during the Operational Qualification (OQ) after implementation.

CIP Systems

Pruess GmbH Anlagenreinigung

A system can undergo a CIP process, and subsequently, a SIP process. Each of these processes might have distinct system requirements. We harmonize these differences and engineer a comprehensive system that fulfills all the necessary criteria.

Development of the Cleaning Process


In the first step, the requirements definition, you receive comprehensive advice from the experienced process planners at Pruess GmbH on the requirements your process plant places on CIP cleaning.

  • Flow rates
  • Volume supply
  • Process control

We work with you to develop a customized solution for your specific application. After construction and commissioning of the CIP system, it is possible to carry out a qualification of the system on request before it is handed over to the production department.




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